The Choral Arts Society of Washington’s Educational Focus

Operating dealerships for a range of car manufacturers, including Subaru, Mercedes, Mazda, and Chrysler, William E. Schuiling owns Brown Automotive Group, Ltd., over which he presides as the organization’s chairman. Aside from his business interests, William Schuiling engages in various philanthropic activities, including with the Choral Arts Society of Washington.

A community-conscious organization, the society promotes musical education through its performances and a number of dedicated programs. Chief among these are its Student Concerts, which are hour-long vocal performances that are available for all students, offering them the opportunity to enjoy quality vocal music firsthand. 

Commonly integrated as a field trip experience into music and social studies curricula, the performances support the resources the organization makes available to teachers via its website. Created with the benefit of over a decade of experience in providing educational materials to classrooms, the Choral Arts Society of Washington’s academic resources are written for use by educators without music experience and can also be integrated into curricula for other subjects, including languages and social studies. Each has been created in alignment with the National Standards for Music.