Baltimore Humane Society’s Spay Neuter and Vaccine Clinic

The owner of Brown Automotive Group, William E. Schuiling serves those shopping for vehicles in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. A strong advocate for animals in need of a home, William Schuiling supports the Baltimore Humane Society

Many animals are euthanized every year because of overpopulation. The Baltimore Humane Society is committed to ending this by offering low-cost, high-quality veterinary services to pet owners through its Spay, Neuter and Vaccine Clinic. Pet owners are encouraged to book appointments to have their furry friends spayed or neutered. 

Pet owners who already spayed or neutered their pets can book an appointment for an examination by a licensed veterinarian for only $35. Follow-up examinations cost $25. Diagnostic services include fecal testing for intestinal parasites, blood test screening for infectious diseases, and pre-anesthetic profile before surgery. The clinic’s veterinarians can perform the following procedures: microchipping, ear cleaning, ear mite treatment, tape worm treatment, flea treatment, nail trim, and anal gland expression. 

With regard to preventive veterinary care, the clinic’s veterinarians administer vaccines for rabies, bordetella, lyme, DHPP, and canine influenza for dogs and FVRCP, rabies, and feline leukemia for cats.